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Tricia & Sandy
April 19, 2008

written by Kathleen Nacozy
photography by Anne Marie Photography


Tricia Williams and Sandy McIlree did not seem destined to marry each other. They met, had a really bad first date, and then didn't talk for a year and a half. But, they met again. This time they were across the mic on Sandy's popular morning radio show, the JB and Sandy Show on Austin's Mix 94.7.

Ceremony Location: Emmaus Catholic Church
512-261-8500 |

Officiant: Father Rivers Pattou

Reception Location: Lakeway Resort & Spa
512-261-6600 |

Photographer: Annemarie Photography
512-644-3507/210-887-5620 |

Catering: Lakeway Resort & Spa

Flowers: The Flower Girl - Cindy Hargraves

Wedding Cake: Simon Lee Bakery
512-990-4888 |

Invitations: Party Cat
512-472-8250 |

Programs: Party Cat
512-472-8250 |

Gown Designer: Rivini

Gown & Veil Purchased At: Serendipity Bridal
512-374-9492 |

Shoes: Grazia

Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Vineyard

Bridesmaid Dress Purchased At: Melange Bridal
512-345-8780 |

Flowergirl Dress Designer: Vera Wang

Flowergirl Dress Purchased At: Serendipity Bridal
512-374-9492 |

Hair & Makeup:
Hair - Ginny @ NSalon

Makeup: Mary @ Armani in Saks 5th Ave.

Men's Formal Wear: Gassane Tailors
512-451-0227 |

Favors: Venieros Pastry - New York
212-674-7070 |

Ceremony Music: Hyde Park Strings
512-454-0456 |

Reception Music: Tunes Across Texas
512-266-9966 |

Guest Accomodation: Lakeway Resort & Spa

Limo Service: Cynthia's Manhattan Limos
512-365-5466 |

Rehearsal Dinner: Truluck's
512-482-9000 |

Lighting: First In Last Out Productions
512-736-4891 |


Listening to the couple tell their story is like listening to a radio talk show. To begin the story of how they met, Tricia says, "It's going to sound really creepy..." She and a friend went to a Mix 94.7 party for JB and Sandy before the two guys moved to Dallas to broadcast their show nationally.

"We drove by the bar where they were having the party and decided to stop in. We had listened to them on the air for so long and just wanted to put a face to the voice." At the party, she talked to Sandy briefly.

"The next day, I was very bold!" Tricia says. "I'd never done this before but called and asked if he wanted to go to lunch. And so we talked—" Sandy adds, "Which is weird because she called my office phone number and I never answer that phone."

Tricia continues, "So we talked for about an hour. There was no awkwardness or stilted conversation. Then we went to lunch a few days later-and it was the worst lunch ever! It was completely stressful and there was no conversation. He was on the phone a lot with his agent. It was really bad."

Sandy explains, "Well, I was getting ready to move to Dallas literally the next day."

JB and Sandy were in Dallas for a year and a half. When their show returned to Austin, they conducted a contest to find a third co-host. Tricia tried out and made it "fairly far" in the contest and even went on the air with JB and Sandy. The funny thing is that Sandy didn't recognize her. "I had no idea that we had gone on a lunch date before," Sandy laughs.

Tricia knew she looked different with her longer hair, but was careful not to mention her previous interactions with Sandy. "I didn't want to hurt my chances of winning the competition!" she says.

Several months after the contest, Sandy invited Tricia to a Super Bowl party. "And we've been together ever since," Tricia says. "So it sounds like I was the creepy listener stalker, but that's really not the case."

Tricia and Sandy dated for four and a half years before he proposed. It was actually on his birthday, and they were on a vacation in Monterrey, California at the Inn at Spanish Bay. It was a place they had wanted to visit for some time. Sandy's plan was to propose on the beach at sunset on their first night in Monterrey.

"So we're standing on our balcony, and the sun's setting over the Pacific. It's gorgeous. I said 'Let's go down to the beach.' And Tricia's like, 'Eh, I don't really wanna go down to the beach. I'm kind of tired.' But I said, 'No, let's go to the beach.'

"Finally, after a bunch of hemming and hawing and wondering what she's gonna wear, we walked down to the beach," Sandy says. The beach was really rocky, and Tricia climbed up to sit on one of the rocks. Sandy tried to climb up after her, but he fell and scraped his knuckles so badly that they started to bleed.

"Let's go to a different rock," he suggested. On the next rock, Sandy started his proposal speech, which Tricia now calls his "spiel." He began with, "What a great day—"

"Really?" Tricia interrupted. She didn't think it was a great day because they had been traveling for most of it. Looking back on the proposal, Tricia jokes, "I made it as difficult for him as possible. But I had no idea what was going on." Tricia was so shocked when Sandy proposed that all she remembers seeing are his bleeding knuckles. She also remembers saying yes.

Back in Austin, Sandy talked about their wedding all the time on the JB and Sandy Show. The listeners loved hearing about the funny and familiar struggles of planning a wedding.

Tricia was nervous about shopping for a wedding dress but found the perfect one at the place she went, which was Serendipity Bridal. "The second I put it on, I knew that was the dress," she says. The beaded dress was straight across the top, with spaghetti straps and a train. As Tricia left Serendipity, one of the saleswomen said, "If you want to show people what your dress looks like, just show them this." She handed Tricia the latest issue of In Style Weddings Magazine, and the dress was on the cover.

Tricia took longer to shop for her bridesmaids' dresses. She finally chose a beautiful lake blue dress with ruching at the waist. Because he's not a big tuxedo guy, Sandy decided to wear a custom-made suit and asked his groomsmen to do the same. He was hesitant to ask the guys to get suits made, but they all assure him that they are glad they have the suits and wear them often. And yes, Sandy's radio co-host JB was a groomsman.

The wedding ceremony was at Emmaus Catholic Church in Lakeway and was a sun-filled, happy occasion. Tricia and Sandy were not nervous or overly emotional. "We were just real smiley," Tricia says.

Sandy's mom is a retired florist and made the bridal bouquet and Sandy's boutonniere. "They were beautiful!" Tricia says. To complete the "something borrowed, something blue" adage, Tricia tied her grandparents' wedding rings at the base of her bouquet with blue lace.

The reception was at Lakeway Resort & Spa and lasted an extra hour because the guests enjoyed themselves too much to leave. Even the couple's chocolate lab Bumper was in attendance. It was exactly the kind of party Tricia and Sandy wanted. They are not sentimental people and "...didn't feed each other cake or entwine our arms and drink champagne."

Instead, they added personal touches. They gave guests party favors of little bags of cookies from a Manhattan bakery. The bakery is in the neighborhood where Sandy's father grew up, and Tricia and Sandy go there for cookies whenever they visit New York City.

The night of the wedding, Tricia and Sandy stayed at the Lakeway Resort. Of the honeymoon Sandy was charged with planning, he says that he "dropped the ball completely." Tricia excuses him with a giggle and says, "We travel a lot anyway." Actually, Tricia and Sandy had gone to Playa Del Carmen the weekend before the wedding.

After the wedding, Sandy asked Tricia if she wished they were going on a honeymoon. She answered, "I'm so tired, I don't want to go anywhere but home!"

It sounds like Tricia and Sandy were destined for each other after all.

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